Now that were back we want to give a place for desert creature to thrive freely. If you’d like to donate to the cause then please let us know. We are the sanctuary for desert birds in Nevada. The time has come for these creatures to live freely in their natural habitat. Because we have been invading their home we need to be mindful of the damage that we are doing to their homes. Just in recent years many eagle species and hawk species has gone extinct due to human carelessness. If we do not mind ourselves now we will wipe these majestic creatures off the face of the planet.

Nevada is an incredible place full of diverse wild-life that we must protect. We want our kids to see these amazing animals at their glory. They are some of the best predators out there and millions of years of adaptation has not prepared them to deal with human influence. We will be continuing on educating people on how to successfully manage the care for these birds of prey.