Annulling A Marriage Is a Legal Process That Prevents a Marriage From Being Recorded


how to get an annulmentMarriages can be elaborate ceremonies, quick elopements or registered weddings. There are instances when a couple soon realizes that they have overcommitted themselves and looked to find some ways to annul their marriage. This can at times be a result of new information that requires information about the wedding to be suppressed or its annulment before it leads to any further complications.

An annulment acts to nullify the marriage and lets the couple in the union to go back to their original single status. There are specific requirements of the laws that must be looked into before any action is taken for annulling a marriage. Marriages can be annulled within 72 hours of the issuance of a marriage license if the union has been performed while under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics.

Marriage annulments are similar to divorces and require going through a proper legal process. A close blood relationship can be grounds for cancellation of marriage, as can the fact that one of the newly married couples had another legally binding wedding when the present marriage took place. If either of the parties is under the legal age, the union is a fit case for annulment. An inability to consummate the union or the use of force or other threats can also result in the dissolution of a marriage.

An Annulment Of A Marriage Is A Legal Action.

annulment casesAn annulment of a marriage is a legal action that renders the marriage void. It is unlike a divorce, where a recorded marriage is dissolved and remains in the registry records. An annulled marriage is one that has never taken place and does not find its place in marriage records. To revoke a wedding, it is often necessary to prove an impediment that denies legality to the marriage. Marriages cannot be annulled if there have been children as a result of the wedding. In such cases, the married persons can only opt for the option of divorce for dissolving the marriage.

The annulment of marriage requires the legal sanction of a court, even if it is at times granted by religious institutions that performed the wedding initially. Annulments in courts need reasons other than lack of compatibility and inability to get along, which remain valid reasons in divorces. Assets division is never a part of an annulment process, and each party is entitled to keep what they originally brought to the marriage. In case of disputes, the parties may require to go through separate civil lawsuits.

Annulment laws differ from state to state, though most states require such petitions to be filed within two years of marriage has taken place. It is always advisable to make proper legal advice from family law attorneys before going through the legal process of the annulment of a marriage. It is a process that is not as complicated as a divorce, but it does require the conditions for granting the cancellation to be valid and must be proved in a court of law. These conditions that qualify for an annulment can expire after a time, and in such cases, the only alternative is to go in for a divorce. Divorce is less demanding of the need for any proof and allows many other reasons for dissolving the marriage, but can bring in vexatious issues like alimony, asset division and often child support and custody.

Divorces and annulments in Nevada are linked as they are both legal devices that can end marriages. The only difference is that an annulment gives a legal document that proves that there was never any marriage between the two parties. At the same time, it can only be applied to a wedding that was performed legally.